​                                           ​​Christmas 2017 Wishes from Fonda

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas.  This will definitely be a different year, but then so was last Christmas.  We had all the children home:  Bevan, Annie, and Caleb.  Mike was fulltime on oxygen by then and was not able to do much of anything.  As I recall, Caleb had to open his Christmas gifts for him.

2017 has been a pretty traumatic year.  If you read our newsletter last year, you know that Mike was diagnosed early in the year with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.  His last doctor’s appointment was early in February.  At that point I was exhausted caring for him and asked if Home Health might be an option.  His doctor said, “I think Hospice would be a better fit”.   Why, why, why had he not told us this earlier?

Thanks to a connection had had with our former ACS advisor, who upon leaving that position went to work for hospice, I was able to get them to come the day after I called.  We went with Legacy Hospice and I can’t say enough good things about them.  Although we only had them for 3 days, they were such a comfort and brought in so many things that helped.  Mike departed this life in the wee hours on Valentine’s Day.  We miss him, but realized he was more than ready to go and had a great faith.

Adjustment has been easier than watch him suffer, knowing that there was nothing I could do.  I stay busier than I would like, but would not give up any of my babies either.  The Zoo is at present 4 dogs (Bowser, Grace Jones, Scout, and Pica) 4 inside cats (Payton, Yoda, Diana, and Porgy) and 1 to maybe 4 outside cats.  Porgy, the newest “inside” cat transitioned from outside to inside after he tried playing with a snake:   poisonous.  Doc pulled him through, but he is such a rascal that I knew he would try that again, so….

The 1-4 outside cats include Bessie, who has been with us for several years and unnamed tabbies who have wandered up in search of food.  If they ever get used to me enough to let me touch them, I will gather them up and have them neutered, at least.

Wake up bark is at 5 A.M. when I walk all four dogs (2 at a time) and feed and groom them.  I still go to church each morning at 7 A.M. for a Communion Service, usually followed by an hour at the gym.  I go to Yoga twice a week, and am still involved in the Hospital Auxiliary- as long as it still remains.  I hand out the local paper on Thursday morning in Wing B and take Communion to a lady in Wing A.  There are big changes going on at the hospital and I am uncertain as to the future of the Auxiliary.

Dogs are walked 3 more times a day and feed once more in the evening.  Cats are feed twice a day and in-between if they whine enough.  On nice days I enjoy working in the yard.   With 4 acres to maintain, it’s always going to be a work in progress, although I do now have a great helper to mow and do those things I can’t- or should not do.

David and Neal Roberson still farm my few farmable acres and my 3 acres of oaks are slowly growing.  This year "we" raised cotton.  Hopefully, it did well, but I am no judge.

Annie came down for a short visit toward the end of summer and Dayton flew in for a few days, too.   He contracted something either on the plane or from food poisoning, so we saw little of him. 

Caleb left for WY toward the fall and is living with his mom and going to school at a Community College in Cheyenne.  He has a job at a gym and is coaching cheer, and has even had a part in a play.  I think he will be home for Christmas.

Tami has gotten her Realtor’s License and is working on her certification as an Esthetician.  She feels these jobs will give her more leeway to be with Jasmin.   Bevan is eager to be able to move up to Mt. Vernon with them.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and will have a wonderful Christmas.   I’m getting geared up to begin my holiday baking.  Will have to get out the Christmas music to sing along with while I cook. 

Wishing you God’s Blessings and a Happy New Year,



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